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Cookie was eating my brain. Thought I'd share.

~ - ~

It began as an ordinary day. Drab. Draco walked through the halls with impatience. He didn't know why he was impatient; he just was. Mornings were not the brightest time of day for Draco. It signaled the beginning of more filth and inferiority. Needless to say, Draco was cranky and it need for sugar.

The doors to the Great Hall had already been thrown wide open as if begging students to come in and begin their day with something whole grain and marmalade. It was quite pathetic since it was only 7. No one in their right mind woke up that early to eat breakfast, and that is precisely why Draco was there. Draco cautiously stuck his head in and looked at all the tables. All the tables were bare except for one, the Gryffindor table.

There at the dreaded table was Ginny Weasley. Awful, dreaded, Weasley. Draco didn't see Ginny though, but the dark red plum that Ginny was eating. Draco's mind began to clock at an amazingly fast pace and told him that fruit=sugar. His eyes glazed over and he watched the process of Ginny eating the plum. She took painstakingly slow bites (in Draco's mind). She drew the plum up to her mouth and bit the skin and tore into flesh which was also a bright red color. A drop of juice caught in the corner of Ginny's lips and Draco watched as her pink tongue darted out to catch it. This was when Draco broke down.

He strode over in long steps and siezed the plum from Ginny's hand. Ginny managed to drop her mouth in surprise before Draco took his first bite. The plum was everything that he had ever wanted: sweet, oh so tender, and chock full of sugar. It was a just a few seconds before Draco had finished the plum and was left with nothing but the pit. He wanted more.

Ginny was still silent with shock, and was about to say something quite rude to Draco when all of a sudden, Draco brought his mouth down to hers. Ginny could feel Draco's tongue slowly moving in her mouth and she felt a surge of heat in her body. His lips were soft and she could taste the sweet flavor of the plum that she had been eating in Draco's mouth; it tasted much sweeter than the original.

A sudden thought struck Ginny's mind and she quickly pulled away against her will. She was kissing Draco (or more like tasting him). She looked at Draco and he seemed well... satiated.

"Thanks for the plum," Draco whispered with round eyes and immediately left the hall; he was on a sugar rush.

~ - ~

Shut up. Don't laugh about the lame factor. Blame it on the plot bunny eating my brain.
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