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First post!!!!!!! W00t!

*waves to everyone*

Woah, it's so weird. I just posted at FAP and I barely recognized everyone at the thread, but here I know all of you. It's so nice!

What would you do if JKR announced that at the end of the seventh book, Ginny would be pregnant with Draco's child? Would you scream in excitement? Would you be shocked and disgusted?
I would be... mixed.

Happy because it would be canonical proof that Draco and Ginny had had a relationship. Though I bet quite a few of the anti-D/Gers would claim it was rape.

But I would be unhappy because Ginny is not ready, I don't think, for pregnancy. She is young and she has all of her life stretching out before her and, of course, it can be wonderful to have a child, but not at her age. She's too young. She would still be in school!

A get-to-know-your-shippers question: how long can you see yourself actively shipping D/G for? How long can you see yourself shipping D/G but not actively (ie. still liking D/G but not actively doing anything to support them)?
Shipping them: Through high school, at least, and probably through college.
Actively: Two years, maybe? Maybe more.

What are the three best arguments for D/G against D/G-haters?
It depends on what they're arguing. But, in general, it's more difficult. "They're compatible" and "They look good together aren't the best thought out arguments in the world," and they seem to be what most of us use.

Here are some OK (sucky) arguments:
Because Draco is not his father and Ginny is not her family. Because Ginny's noticed the dark before, and Draco's noticed Ginny before (if only to taunt her). Because Draco wants revenge and Ginny wants to fight. Because Draco does not necessarily need or want a bad girl, and Ginny doesn't necessarily need or want a good boy. Because Ginny's over Harry. Because of inter-house unity. Because... Because...

Does anyone out there have any decent arguments?
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