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First post = looooooooooong post. Sorry.

*waves* Took me some time to become a member of this *shakes head*
Oh well, hi!

Is Draco a Quidditch fanatic? Ginny?
I'm pretty sure Ginny is it. Maybe not as bad as Ron, but she is it. I'm not really sure with Draco. I can see him and his interest for Quidditch in two ways: A) He really, really loves it and feels that it's the only place where he really can be "free", or B) He's only on the Quidditch team because it's a) expected by him, and/or because b) he wants everything Harry has.

How does Ginny manipulate Draco into doing something he doesn't want to? Vice versa?
Mmmm... *lick lips* I think I have read far to many NC-17 fics... *grin*

Are either reluctant to go to Healer/Doctors/Dentists?
Well, I can't really see any of them becoming it. Some people seem to think that Ginny would be a good Healer, but... I can't see it. *shakes head*
And Draco? No. Just no. *smile*
[Note: Little me missunderstood question. Don't know how that could happen O.o]

Which of them is more the perv?
Ginny. I'm pretty sure Draco in the start would be horrifired of the though/language/etc, but after some time he would loose up.

Would this relationship promt Draco to switch to the side of fluffy-bunnies-and-happiness? Do you feel that this is a valid reason for him to switch sides?
Well, I doubt Draco would switch side because of the muggleborns - I can't see him suddenly get a change of heart or that he only have lied about his hate for muggleborns.
Now, that being said, yes, it could promt him in switching side, but it wouldn't be his main reason. It would just be... an another gain.

What will their roles in the up-coming war be?
Well, I'm pretty sure Harry will win over Voldemort in the end of the 7th book, so there'll be no after Hogwarts war, and, well, I can't see Draco becoming a Death Eather before after school. So, I don't think he's going to play that big a role - I don't think his role is going to change at all.
Now, Ginny, she's going to play something, but I'm not sure what or how big the role will be.

As Ginny seems to become an increasingly important character in the books, Draco seems to be fading into a lesser one. Do they ever interact outside Harry's knowlegee?
Hm, yes, I'm pretty sure of that.

If a family member or loved one is in the hospital how would D/G (seperately) act? Withdrawl into their own world, throw things, scream etc.
I can see Ginny scream and cry and react after her emotions, but I think Draco would become distant, work more, and just seem a lot colder. I don't think he really knows how to work with his emotions, really.

How do they feel before a big test? Nervous? Calm? Confident? Fidgety?
Draco would try not to show it, but he's rather scared. He fears he'll fail his parents.
I agree with toothpick349 about Ginny: Ginny, however, studies all the previous night into the day of the test, to the second the professor asks for everything to be put away. Then she feels like if she doesn't get the test that second, she may forget everything. Very nervous and on edge when she takes tests.

Draco takes a bet to wander Muggle London for an hour - only to find himself lost within that hour. What does he do?
Panic in some time and then, when he has realised there's no other option, he would call the Knight Bus.

Do they like balloons?
Ginny loves them. Draco thinks they're ridiculous.

What type of tattoo would they have if they ever get one?
I can see Ginny get a little tattoo at the ankle ot at the shoulder blade. I really can't see Draco get any (Well, unless you count the Dark Mark as a tattoo...)

If Draco gets lost in muggle London and end up getting beat up pretty badly by a muggle robber, how would he react to the paramedic people?
Uhm, yeah.

Do they like to watch Star Wars?
Well, Ginny would because Eskarina Ginny <3<3<3 Han Solo (and no, the three new ones don't exist... Err.) And the whole good vs. evil stuff. And kick Arse!Leia. And Yoda. And... Okay, I'll stop now *smile* And, okay, she likes the three new ones to.
Draco just thinks it's some muggle crap. *kick Draco*

Uhm, yeah, I better go now *waves*

Oh, It totally forgot - I just finished reading Rising from Ashes *squee* Yes, I started reading it very late (Err, yesterday, actually), but now I'm in a HUGE D/G mood. Again. *squeee*
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