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Think of what our lives could be, if our hearts could set us free

*feels bad for not posting* Sorry guys! School really sucks, I'm always really busy! I've had time to read some old D/G fav fics though :)

If a family member or loved one is in the hospital how would D/G (seperately) act? Withdrawl into their own world, throw things, scream etc.

I think Ginny would probably be suffering a lot, she would be really withdrawn. She wouldn't be able to sleep or eat much, and she'd probably get very thin and pale. She wouldn't find old interests fascinating any more and I think she'd take a while to get over it. Draco would act as usual, but he'd be snappier and more impatient.

Do they like balloons?

Ginny loves balloons, she's always liked them, ever since she was a child. She especially likes the ones in the shapes on animals and things. Draco thinks they're silly and childish.

What type of tattoo would they have if they ever get one?

Ginny would get something really small and in a funny place, like near her elbow or on her toes. She would probably get something classic, like a rose. Draco would get something really significant to him, probably on his arm. Maybe a snake? Or possibly a dragon :)

wyv xxo

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