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Hey all!

Gosh, what kind of D/G 'shipper am I? I'm always MIA when it comes to this. Feel free to beat me into a pulp of goo, I'd feel better.

And here goes nothing.

If a family member or loved one is in the hospital how would D/G (seperately) act? Withdrawl into their own world, throw things, scream etc.

I believe Ginny would volunteer to stay by whoever's side in the hospital, while poor Draco mops about at home but he doesn't get violent or anything, just probably slip into some PMS mood.

If Draco gets lost in muggle London and end up getting beat up pretty badly by a muggle robber, how would he react to the paramedic people?

Think PMS!Draco. Yes, be not surprise if you were one of the paramedics. "WTF?! That insolent, uncivilised son of bit*h just robbed me of my damned wallet -- F**k, F**k, F**k --". And he just wouldn't let them touch him, let alont, nurse. He thinks that those funny "apparatus" in the ambulance must be out if he was to be in it.

Do they like balloons?

Ginny does, I'm sure. I can see her having a great time with that. Not Draco, though. He would probably look like he's gonna die the next second if Ginny asks him to hold a balloon.

What type of tattoo would they have if they ever get one?

A tribal (snake-like) one for Draco on his arm, probably in remembrance of his Dark Mark. And a sweet butterfly one on Ginny's hips. And both of them will have the words "Ignis et Gelu" engraved with a heart on their arms or for Ginny only, her neck, to represent their love for each other. =DD

How would they react to their PHB's having piercings, tattoos etc.

Tough one. Ginny would probably fuss over it initially, but would come to terms and accept them slowly. As for Draco, he'd just smile in acknowledgement. He thinks they're wayy cool (that is, to a certain limit).

If they drove a muggle car, what would it be and why?

It's a bad thing I don't drive and don't know anything about cars (my parents don't even own one). Roll Royce (sp?) then.

Do they watch soap operas? What's their favorite plot line?

Nope. Ginny watches sappy romance movies while Draco decides that these Muggle entertainment are beneath him and not one bit entertaining.

Do they like to watch Star Wars?

Yes, and Draco is one huge fan of it! Ginny just watches for Hayden Christensen, and can't help squealing his name and make Draco jealous for the fun of it.

Would they go dress up for the Star Wars III opening?

No, they'd just dress casually. Their PHBs would though.

Who is their favorite character in Star Wars? Why?

This, I don't know because I haven't watch Star Wars at all. Yet. I'm like the only one here... ?

Who else would they get addicted to Star Wars?

This goes without saying. Their lovely PHBs!!!

How do they feel before a big test? Nervous? Calm? Confident? Fidgety?

Draco, confident. Ginny, nervous and fidgety.

What's their favorite fruit?

For the both of them, it's strawberries (with whipped cream) and lemons! Yep, they love the same fruits!
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