Spidey (spidermonkey367) wrote in dgislove,

This poor, neglected community!

Hello, all! Trying to revive this community by posting.

Using lj-cuts because of spoilers.

Will HBP leave us with any hope of Draco/Ginny? Sod that, will Draco even stop being a sniveling prat for a moment to even deserve Ginny (aka: will Rowling make him less of a 2 dimensional character)?
I think HBP left us with more hope for D/G than ever before. I've never believed that D/G would ever occur in canon, but HBP showed us that there is a very, very, very slight possibility that it will.

Plus, Draco is no longer 2D. He's crying in the bathrooms, spilling his sorrows to Moaning Myrtle, for heaven's sake! He's redeemable!

Some new post HBP questions:

How do you feel about D/G's chances of actually becoming canon after what we've seen in HBP?

How did HBP affect your feelings on D/G?

If Draco were redeemed in book seven, how would that affect your D/G shipping?

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