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Someday we'll know...

'Ello 'ello my chicas. xD ^^ Just updated my own journal, then came here. ^^

How long are they gone for? Do they take the children or leave them with family/friends?
They usually leave for about a week or so...three weeks at most. And whether or not the PHBs come is a las tminute decision, depending on the Rating of said vacation. xD But if the kids do stay behind, then that's what Grandparents Weasley are for. ;)

What do they get for their loved ones while they're away? Something expensive, or handmade etc.
Usually, Ginny takes a good, long time to pick out the children's gifts. But if they're shopping for relatives while on holiday (say Christmas is coming up), then they try to put at least a bit of thought into it. Unless if Ginny's trying to, say, find something for Harry and his wife. Then Draco likes to rub in the fact that he's rich, and goes and gets something pointlessly expensive.

What's their favorite thing to do at the beach?
Ginny <3s sandcastles. Draco prefers actually shoving Ginny + kids into the water. Life's more fun that way. ;)

Would they try exotic foods or foods they have no interest in dog meat?
Draco's up for anything. Ginny...not so much.

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